WSDB course

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This is the course for Programming by ESP-MOSI, which has gotten the name "Web Service Development for Business" WSDB to articulate the relevance of online applications. The main goal of this course is to let the future IT/IS managers get a grasp of the complexity of programming and so enable them to assign a correct amount of resources (time, money and people) to IT tasks. This reduces friction between the IT manager and programmers.

Applications on the internet used to be a server-client model, but it has evolved to web application services cloud. This course-site is about "web service" for business, by using the web as a mashup-machine. Mashup is the term used to address how application can be created by mixing existing APIs. The change on the web allows for a new approach The course is a programming course for managers and it is radical different from classical programming courses. A classical course would focus on development in a particular programming language with attention to technical hard to code issues. With this course the focus is on emerging values about good internet strategies. The exercises focus on problem solving and creating of sustainable code.

An important consequence of the change on the web, is an overload of information and skills one needs to learn. It is impossible to understand it all and its moving at tremendous speed. The high speed means application can decay and become irrelevant in short amount of time. It is as such necessary to apply a different development methodology. One methodology becoming popular as solution is "Agile software development ". This method allows fast adaptability to novelty. The course will make use of this method to guild and evaluate the student, by making use of knowledge sharing and look at the outcome more than the output. The student has to define a project that will define the specific application integrations. Via three criteria the student will get evaluated.